Guide: how to clean your menstrual cup

Guide: how to clean your menstrual cup

Don't know how to clean your menstrual cup? Relax, we understand. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to keep your cup fresh and clean.

There are two types of cleaning your cup: a daily rinse and a monthly sterilization. Rinsing of the cup only removes some of the surface bacteria, odor, and buildup. However, sterilizing completely removes bacteria and preps the cup to be stored for the next time it’s used again.

1. Daily rinsing in between uses

When you want to clean your cup after using it for a couple of hours (max. 12h), the easiest way to clean is to just rinse it with water. This is more than enough to reinsert your cup. If you want to be thorough, you can use soap, but use a gentle one, to keep the silicone of your cup in perfect state.

2. Thorough sterilizing in between periods

It's important to sanitize your cup after your period week, before storing it away for a few weeks. You need to remove all the bacteria to prevent bacterial growth before the next use.

First of all, rinse it thoroughly with water, as usual, then boil it for a few minutes. You can use one of your kitchen pots on your stove, or a large bowl in the microwave. Another option is...

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Another option is to use a sanitizing cup, especially made to disinfect your period cup. GiGi's Sanitizing Cups are launching soon! 


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Tips and tricks for first time users!

Read the instructions

We know you're excited to try the cup immediately, and we are too! But first, take a few minutes to read how it works.

Carefully read the instructions before you try it for the first time. We have put a lot of information in the manual you've found in your box and this online guide.


This golden tip will really help you easily remove the cup. If you're struggling with removing the cup for the first time (believe us, we've all been there), remember: your cup can not get stuck, and relaxing your pelvic muscles or maybe even pushing a little (like you would be on the toilet) will help you reach for the ring and remove the cup smoothly.

In the bathtub

Another really good tip: the first time(s), try inserting and removing your cup when you're in the shower. Makes life even easier.

Practice before your period

Practice makes perfect. We recommend practicing inserting and removing the cup a few times before you actually have your period. You're already going through that bloody mess, let's make it a bit easier on ourselves.

Use lubrication

Use water or a water-based lubricant to facilitate the insertion.