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  • Easy & comfortable

    Wear your GiGi cup for up to 12 hours. Just pop the cup in and face the day. No worries, no insecurities, all day long.

  • Waste-free

    Switching from throwaway period products (tampons, pads) to GiGi cups is a simple step to reduce the waste you produce.

  • Fresh & clean

    No toxins inside your body: our cups are made of 100% medical-grade silicone. Using a GiGi cup prevents unpleasant smells. Feel fresh and clean, all day long!

  • Save €€€

    After the single purchase of your GiGi cup, you are set for the next 10 years! Imagine all the money you're saving, not buying tampons/pads anymore...

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Every. Woman. Is. GiGi. Period.

Message to all women: we want to empower you! Imagine no more changing tampons or pads every four hours. Imagine no more worrying about leakages. Imagine only having to change one cup, one time a day. That is the power of GiGi.

We wanted to create a worry-free premium product for the
do-ers. A cup with a unique design easy to change, easy to use, and easy going.

Your GiGi.
Your Freedom.

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